Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Behind the window

For Carpe Diem Special Prompt #5

Special Prompt #5
Today we have the last Special Prompt for Carpe Diem's October month. This month I shared haiku by Basho and the one for today is:

in one house
prostitutes lie down to sleep
bush clover and the moon

Basho wrote this when he was at an Inn along his Narrow Road to the Deep North. And a pair of nuns asked him and his companion Sora if they may travel with them for a while. Basho refushed that and wrote this haiku afterwards.

It's a very delicate theme he uses, but ... prostitution is of all times heh.

In Japan prostitution is forbidden, but the government looks the other way and tolerates it. To write another haiku inspired at the one by Basho and in the same spirit as Basho will not be easy.

late night walk
hookers behind windows -

Hunter's Moon

Hm ... I love this scenery. Is it in Basho's Spirit?

Another one:

behind the window
in the Red Light district
love for sale

Not bad either. Can I write another one? I will try ... maybe a classical one ... counted ...

love for money
sailors drunken as hell
giggling prostitutes

Not a totally counted verse, missing a few syllables, but I think this one is in the same spirit as the one by Basho.

Well ... so far our Carpe Diem Special Prompts by Basho. Next month the Special Prompts are haiku written by Kobayashi Issa.


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Dulcina said...

Precise words to paint the little world of prostitutes in a delicate and poetic way.
I love the scenery you have created.
Love for money and love for sale is not love at all, just compassion or a kind of reward.