Thursday, October 4, 2012

Flight of an Eagle

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Credits: Eagle by Steven M. Gardner

I was looking for some nice relaxation music on You Tube and ran into a wonderful video on 'The Flight of an Eagle. Wonderful video on Eagle's Flight with wonderful music by Karunesh (a great artist). I discovered his wonderful music several years ago and was immediately in love with his wonderful music. I even made a hyves about him.

Back to my today's new post on Flight of an Eagle. Eagles are wonderful creatures with graceful flight it is really stunning to see them fly.

above the polder
graceful Eagle in his flight
searching for prey

endless sky -
King of Birds praying
Om Mane Padme Hum

praying in my dreams
to be an Eagle in his flight
what a freedom

It's really a wonder how this wonderful creature 'King of the Birds' as the American natives say, with his strength can bring you a deep spiritual feeling. Really awesome.
Next to the Egret ... the Eagle is one of my totems, both stand for strong meanings respectively 'Everlasting' and 'Holy Spirit'. I cherish my totems and in my dreams I visit them a lot, or when I am meditating I feel like an Eagle in his flight ... looking all around the world and see how wonderful Mother Earth is and how sad it is to see that we, her inhabitants, are demolishing her surface. Makes me sad ... but also filled with joy, because I know that Mother Earth is strong and will survive bringing us always a new Spring, new Hope and new Strength.

high above Mother Earth
I feel like an Eagle watching
searching for new life

searching for new life
inside with my Inner Eye
flight of an Eagle

What a delight ... writing about such a wonderful animal.

I am awarded by Hyde Park Poetry for Thursday Poets rally week 73. Thank you for this award, I will accept it humble and we pride. I nominate for Thursday Poets Rally week 74 Sajeev Kumar Menon for his poem Innocence

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Mariya Koleva said...

The eagle is really very inspiring and evokative. A mighty animal. Your haiku leave the reader with the feeling of freedom, space, vastness and the endless mind. The video is also very nice. Your post today is quite accomplished :-)
Best, M.

Barbara said...

I have never seen an eagle but I hope to one day! This was lovely!

Abbey Michael Boyle Blount Fallin said...

This is amazing,
the natural imagery is breath taking in your haiku.

Anonymous said...


Marissa Biden Sergey Christina Murphy said...

incredible piece.

Anonymous said...

beautiful theme on animal.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

very beautiful.