Saturday, December 15, 2012

Haiku Heights #200, wish

Inspired by the theme at

I haven't had time to participate the last weeks in Haiku Heights, but this week's prompt I couldn't let go. This week the prompt is WISH and that's of course something for this time of year.

Dragon's departure
entering the year of the Snake -
good wishes

Year of the Snake (2013)

Some background:

Sign of the Snake

According to ancient Chinese wisdom, being born in the year of the Snake is a good omen; it means your family will never starve. Whether this is intended metaphorically -- because the snake is a great mediator and therefore good at business -- or literally -- because a Snake would sacrifice his many possessions to pay for food -- is often debated. In either case, it is clear that a Snake is considered a good provider as a result of his wisdom. This wisdom, however, can on occasion become cunning trickery, as a Snake is known to plot to get exactly what he wants. The Snake is also profoundly private, and as such, as known as a poor communicator -- possessive of both his words and his emotions.

Character Traits
: Snake

: Wise, creative, shrewd, responsible, purposeful
Negative: Loner, distrustful, suffocating, cold

Well ... maybe 'till next week.


Grace said...

I pray for good wishes ~

Tigerbrite said...

At the end of an Aeon and at Gaia’s bidding The Serpent of Light has slithered over continents. Soon she will find her new home. The shift of being will balance earth energy giving female focus to the world bringing balance.
Blessings in the year of the snake:)

WabiSabi said...

Good wishes to you too, Kris.

Brenda said...

Mm having just been blessed with a new grandson I am a bit confused as to whether it is a positive thing to be born in the sign of the snake. I will take all the good bits as my wish for him and pray he does not have the negative qualities of the snake!!

Gemma Wiseman said...

A little wishing and a little dreaming wills a positive future!

MamaTim said...

I wish you the best for the new year..

Reading Pleasure said...

Wishing you all the best. Nicely written

Judith Westerfield said...

Only the Chinese would come up with something picturesque and you matched it.

Tigerbrite said...

Good wishes to you too:)

Prema said...

Good wishes are what we all need ! Best wishes of the festive season to you and your family .

Anonymous said...

Still some time to go before Chinese New Year, but a great haiku all the same.

Magyar said...

Best wishes during this, and every Christmas season! _m

Sara McNulty said...

thanks, I need a good omen!