Monday, November 14, 2011

THE GOOSEBERRY GARDEN: Poetry Picnic week 13 "childhood"

Childhood a wonderfull theme. When I was young I played a lot with cars, but also with dolls. I had a great childhood and my parents (thank God they are still alive) were the most loving and caring humans I know. I had a brother, but ... he died for almost 17 yrs at the age of 34 on lungcancer. I had only him, one older brother, so now I am the only child living of our family. I am now 48 and I remember that I cried when I became 35, I (the youngest of two brothers) had become older then my brother. It was an unpleasant day, but also a day for thanksgiving, because I could be there for my parents.

sad memories
good ones too, I am still
in my childhood

with a lot of love
and nice thoughts about him

For The Gooseberry Garden: Poetry Picnic week 13 come and see for yourself. The Goosberry Garden a great place for all poets.


Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

short and lovely.

Happy Poetry Picnic.

Chèvrefeuille said...

Thank you Morning. It was a bit emotional to write this Tan Renga, but I loved to do it.

Grace said...

Thanks for sharing this ~

His memories will live in you ~

Jim Swindle said...

You have my sympathy. I know there is still pain.

Chèvrefeuille said...

Thank you for your sympathy and love. The pain of such a loss shall never really be completely away. It's still there, but I have found a way to live with this pain. Writing haiku is one of it.