Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Poetry Pantry, new haiku

For Poets United, the Poetry Pantry:

A new series of haiku. Well ... finally my country (The Netherlands) have winter weather. Strong frost and snow fall. So at last winter has come to the Low Lands. So I thought to write a few haiku on snow ...

first snow of the year
covers fragile blossoms
tears in my eyes

such a sad event
young cherry blossoms frozen
in a cold spring night

Credits: Cherry Blossom in Snow

And at last another haiku, but this one is inspired on a well known haiku by Matsuo Basho:

autumn evening
a crow perched
on a withered bough

I wrote:

is that a crow
in the bare branches?
it's just black plastic

I loved doing this again of course and looking forward to your comments on this series.



Hettienne Grobler said...

thank you for visiting my Haiku. I see that I will learn lots from your wonderful Haiku blog. I will also be visiting your poetry blog. Greetings from South Africa!

Daydreamer said...

I love Haiku, used to write quite a lot of it but then stopped. I write one now and then if the mood takes me. Enjoy yours very much :)
Our winter in Atlantic Canada kicked in about 2 weeks ago. We just had a snow storm followed by freezing rain. Usually it's quick to get the roads clear but, once the rain freezes over the snow it makes it all like ice then, harder to move.
Love your Haiku and thanks for visiting me again :)

kaykuala said...

Lovely haiku Chev! The chills of winter seems getting less now. But your haiku give a great insight to how the cold was.