Monday, October 15, 2012

New Moon

Source: New Moon
Today it is New Moon. So a new cycle will start today. Our Moon is a wonderful moon and I enjoy watching at her every day again.
So today I am a bit sad, because she ... our beloved moon ... I can't see. Tears tickling behind my eyes, but I have to be strong ... I am a man ... and a man doesn't cry (smiles). Just kidding I am not such a guy. When I am sad and I feel that I have to cry ... well than tears will be scattered.

where is she?
looking for her but can't find her
new moon

new moon
she, our moon will grow again
a new lives cycle

Every New Moon is a new beginning. She will grow again and will bring joy again when she grows to her full sight.



Barbara said...

Kris, perhaps the moon would say that she is not gone at all, it is your eyes that cannot see her in the dark!

joanne said...

I love to read your works...You are so very connected to nature!

Amrit Sinha said...

Very true ... the moon will grow again :-)