Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fragile beauty

Fragile beauty, a few new cascading haiku.

Yesterday was a wonderful and sunny day here in The Netherlands and I could make a few wonderful photos in my backyard. Finally Spring has come, my Sakura is in full bloom and the Rhodondendron also. What a joy to see those fragile Cherry blossoms and the big flowers of the Rhodondendron. The greater part of my backyard is fallow and is waiting for new garden plans, but ... well ... it has to wait, because we will start first in our frontyard with planting new plants and flowers.

Back to yesterday. As I made a few photos of my Cherry Tree I saw a snail crawl between the young Cherry blossoms.

I had to write a haiku about this event (smiles). So here it goes.

between fragility
a snail seeking it's path to Heaven
slowly, so slowly

slowly, so slowly
a snail between young Cherry blossoms 

seeks it's path

seeks it's path
a snail moves to the top
between fragility

It's just a little wonder to see this in my own backyard. And it's even a greater wonder to have the courage to compose a haiku on this event.

It's worth a celebration to see the Sakura in full bloom after a long, cold and dark Winter. But as I hear the weather forecast for today I am so anxious to see that the fragile blossoms will be gone soon, because we get strong winds and heavy rains. I can imagine how the classic Japanese haiku poets had that same fear when the weather changed and gusts of wind will tear the Cherry Blossoms apart. I am praying that not all of the Cherry Blossoms will be gone after today.

with tears in my eyes
I see how the wind is ruining
fragile beauty

fragile beauty
a gust of wind tears apart
Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms
as young as they are
torn apart

torn apart
fragile blossoms of the Sakura 

tears in my eyes

It's heartbreaking to see how the wind is tearing apart the fragile Sakura blossoms ... I was so happy to see that finally Spring has come and now ... that joy turned into sadness, but ... next Spring the Sakura blossoms will return and will bring happiness again.



Anonymous said...

These cascades are wonderful Kristjaan, thank you for sharing with us.

Sara McNulty said...

These are beautifully written. Love the photo. Here in Portland, our cherry blossoms are at full bloom. I hope they last.

Unknown said...

Kristjaan, that's the way I feel in the fall when the trees have all their glorious colored fall leaves and strong gusts carry them to the ground, but think of this - the wind carries the seedlings here and there to share beauty everywhere.

Pirate said...

Yes, one forgets the ripped and torn blossoms...

Rheumatologe said...

Thanks for sharing! Lovely cascades!

Magyar said...

Fine photos and verses... each!
__All things are fragile in their own way... survival is the gift of their struggle.