Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beginning, for Ese's Weekly shot and quote challenge

Good day dear visitors,

It's really a joy to publish another post here at my base haiku-blog. I ran into a wonderful challenge to day which I love to share with you all and which I had to take. I like challenges so
Ese's Weekly shot and quote challenge, Beginning I love to try. It's the goal to use a photo and a quote to write a poem, to me of course, that will be haiku.

As I have it right this is the quote which belongs to the photo I love to use:

Everything is still ahead…

Well ... let me try it ... here it goes my first attempt for Ese's new challenge:

new beginnings
everything is still ahead -
cherry blossoms bloom

cherry blossoms bloom
finally spring has conquered winter
a new light rises

a new light rises
cherry blossoms fall silently
at last cherries

at last cherries
bare branches will bloom again -
new beginnings

I hope you like this cascading haiku ...  and I think I have touched the quote and have used the photo in a right way. So if you like it or dislike it ... please let me know.



Ese said...

Thank you very much for being a part of my new challenge! Beautiful take on the prompt, Kristjaan - your cascading haiku paints the circle of life masterfully.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Kris!!

Tigerbrite said...

This looks more like almond blossom, cherry is white. Unless it is flowering cherry instead of the stuff that makes the fruit:)

Lavana said...

This is lovely !