Monday, April 9, 2012

Haiku Heights April Challenge, day 9 "seashore"

Hello to you all, challengers of Haiku Heights. Today I have to come up with a good one. Why? Because I suggested the prompt for today. Seashore ... what can I do with this prompt? Enough I think, but still had some trouble to write a nice haiku set for today.
I am living in The Netherlands and as no other country can, we the dutch know what it is to live at the seashore. Our country is a low country and we are continuing our fight to the sea. The seashore to me is a place to contemplated and meditate. The sound of the waves breaking on the beach ... the rustling of the wind ... seagulls screaming ... ah what a wonderful place to be.

Well let's go do some haiku writing. Again I have chosen for the cascading form (Ramesh you made me an addictive to that form). I love that cascading form, looks like the movement of the waves.

together again
walking along the seashore
sea wind through my hair

walking along the seashore
sea wind through my hair
writing paper and pencil
against my heart

against my heart
a picture of my wife
together again

This was my contribution to the Haiku Heights April Challenge for today. See you again tomorrow.


PattiKen said...

Something about this (the final line, I think) is sad. It ends on a melancholy note. Lovely.

Marleen said...

hi Kristjaan,

I begin to like reading haiku in this ´cascading´form. With this particular prompt it gets an extra dimension as well indeed, nice!

Maude Lynn said...

Wonderful set!

Ramesh Sood said...

This is good one..yes, you have picked up the form quite well...

carol l mckenna said...

you always write wonderful haiku ~ must be Basho's influence ~ eh? Love the photo ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

Ellecee said...

I enjoyed your set of cascading haiku. I could sense some melancholy in your walk but also the appreciation of the experience.

Sri Valli said...

Awesome haiku Chev....beautifully written :)

Gemma Wiseman said...

Quite a while ago, I blogged about an old man I met on the beach on my Mornington Peninsula. He walked the beach with a photo of his wife tucked under his arm! So these haiku mean a great deal to me! Beautiful!

Siggi in Downeast Maine said...

Lovely words...
soul searching, heart grabbing
thank you.

Siggi in Downeast Maine. USA

Grace said...

A melancholy and sad to the form, nice cascading words...weaving a story ~

Anonymous said...

Ramesh has rubbed off on you -- and you demonstrate it well! :) I love the seashore for healing, and meditation as well. Thank you for visiting my Day 9 ~~ Stretches of Seashore.

It is always a joy to visit here.

Rachana Shakyawar said...

HOw romantic though against!!!!
:) I loved the concept & emotions behind this haiku!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I can feel that sea breeze in my own hair!

“Six Takes on ‘Seashore’”