Sunday, May 27, 2012

Haiku Heights, "Joy"

What a joy! A new Haiku heights Saturday. Finally summer in my country and that gives me a lot of joy. So to write a haiku with this prompt ... well it wasn't easy, but it was a joy and fun.

what a joy
finally summer in the low lands
tropical heat

tropical heat
the Fuchsia looks sad
dried out


dried out
the grass becoming yellowish
what a sad sight

what a sad sight
but also fun, rain is pouring down
what a joy

Have a nice week, 'till next saturday.


Pranita said...

It's such a beautiful fact that joy can be found in so many forms! :)
Do and think not.. Think, then do!

Anonymous said...

Always, the simple things that bring us joy. A lovely write Kris.

Vinay Leo R. said...

The series just works nicely :) summer rain is quite a joy and I'm waiting for it to start.

Hazel said...

Thank God the rain's back! That is joy indeed.

kaykuala said...

"what a sad sight....
What a joy!"

Love the contrast, a mark of deep thoughts, Chev, and the cascades too!


NAWAL said...

Creative haiku :)

Jaideep Rao said...

What a joy to read this!,and true indeed :)

Anonymous said...

nice set, beautiful flower

four memorial day senryu

carol l mckenna said...

Wow! these are wonderful haiku ~ very strong visuals for me ^_^ ~ photos are awesome ~ thanks, ^_^

Grace said...

Lovely haiku of joy ~ A treat for me today ~

Neha said...

Awesome words for the haiku :)

Jaskirancanvas said...

Joy and sadness both together... beautiful... :)