Friday, August 31, 2012

The Path of the Honeysuckle #2

The Path of the Honeysuckle part 2:  Closing the garden.

Today I will look closer to the spiritual meaning of the next haiku.

closing the garden
no one to disturb my thoughts -
Virginia Creeper

This one I have published in last February's Haiku Challenge of Someone Is Special. It was inspired by a picture of an open fence of a concentrationcamp. I remember that I also have written a blog about closing the garden on Basho Revisited my other blog. And I even have used the theme of the closed garden in one of my Tackle It Tuesday Previews 'Closing the garden' must have a spiritual, deeper meaning, because I have used it already a few times on my weblogs. So let's look a bit closer to the given haiku.  

In this haiku the closing of the garden is meant to give the mind some peace, but also to search for the deeper meaning of the thoughts. Thinking about the future? Thinking about life? All thoughts that are tumbling around in my mind. My head is so full of thoughts that I sometimes think that I need a second head. But ... that's of course not possible ... so I have to retreat for a while to order my thoughts. I have to close my garden, my house to find the peace back in my head, body and soul. Than I will find my freedom of thoughts back and that is the deeper meaning of the Virginia Creeper. The spiritual meaning of Virginia Creeper is 'seeking freedom and progress'. So the deeper meaning of this haiku is:

'To find freedom and progress in thoughts I have to empty my head by going on a retreat'.   Isn't it a wonderful haiku? So less words, with so much meaning.
Credits: Virginia Creeper
See you again ... next week for another quest into the spiritual meaning of haiku.  



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