Monday, September 3, 2012

September Heights day 3: Loneliness

Inspired by the theme at

Today I have to write a haiku about loneliness I think this will be a tough one. Well ... I contemplated and meditated a little while on this prompt and I came with the following quote of someone (don't ask me, because I don't know the one who said this).

"Loneliness is ... having a wonderful memory and nobody to talk with".

That's loneliness how can I write a haiku on loneliness? I have searched for some inspirational pictures and came up with this picture:

Surely this prompt isn't easy ... I need some other inspiration sources ... So I have taken another inspiration source ... music

A song by Laura Pausini, Loneliness ...

a lonely flower
my companion for one night -
tears on my pillow

tears on my pillow
I will be dreaming alone
a lonely flower

This one is a re-make of one of my first haiku in English. Well I see you all tomorrow.


Sri Valli said...

Tears on my pillow...How sad!
Lovely take on the prompt Kristjaan!

Mariya Koleva said...

"dreaming alone" is very sad... They are both very powerful!

Barbara said...

Your image of a lone flower is a powerful one!

NAWAL said...

the second set is soooo touching loved it!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the first one best - it says much with little, and paints a picture of loneliness

Grace said...

Very lovely and touching...

Unknown said...

Lovely haiku, and great quote for inspiration

Anonymous said...

You captured the sadness of loneliness! Especially like tears on my pillow ... I've done it a time or two in my life!

September Heights - Vanished Spring

Someone is Special said...

Great inspiration to start Kristjaan!

Glad you re-maked one of your first haiku in English! I loved it a lonely flower :)

Someone is Special