Monday, September 3, 2012

Tackle It Tuesday, despair

Another week has gone by. I have read the most wonderful haiku on the Blue Moon and I am glad that there where several contributors to Tackle It Tuesday. I have enjoyed the Blue Moon, last Friday, and I hope that you, my dear visitors, my dear haijin, have enjoyed it too.

This week's theme is despair not an easy one I think ... so I have searched for a picture to help you my visitors to understand despair and be inspired.

Credits: Farmer in despair (1932)
Maybe this picture will help to write your haiku. Write a classical or a non-classical haiku with this theme. Enjoy it, find your inspiration in the picture or maybe through my haiku which I enclose hereafter.

no harvesting this year
living in despair

living in despair
struggling to survive

It's very sad ... such a despair through this haiku set. Tears are almost there ... such a deep emotion is also haiku.
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This Tackle It Tuesday stays on 'till Monday September 10th 11.59 P.M. Please leave a comment after linking ... maybe you have a suggestion for next week's Tackle It Tuesday ... please let me know.


carol l mckenna said...

well penned haiku on despair ~ great photo ~ enjoy ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Anonymous said...

You captured the essence of despair with finesse. Very nice! I combined my Haiku Heights with despair -- didn't have the heart to write a 2nd "heavy" piece. Depending on one's perspective, it could be wisdom, loneliness or despair. Thank you for sharing and hosting another week. :)