Monday, October 8, 2012

Tackle It Tuesday, morning dew

Dear Haijin,

Another week has gone. The prompt of last week was 'tea', I have read wonderful haiku inspired on that prompt. So I hope that this new prompt 'morning dew' will be a success too.

Morning dew ... the mysterious water we can see every morning. It looks like everything is hanged with necklaces of pearls. Sometimes ... e.g. cobwebs hanged with dew shimmering in the early sunlight look like diamonds. It's wonder.
Dew ... is also a symbol for detachment and transience. Dew ... evaporates in the warm sunlight and than it's gone ... dew ... well I think this is a wonderful prompt and I hope to read a lot of nice haiku on dew.
This prompt will stay on 'till next Monday October 15th 11.59 PM (CET).

Here is my haiku for this week's Tackle It Tuesday:

dewdrops shimmer
in the flower of the Morning Glory
a diamond necklace

a diamond necklace
evaporates in the warmth of the sun
that's transience

that's transience
mysterious early morning water
dewdrops shimmer

Source: dew on Morning Glory

Please leave a comment after linking ... and if you have a suggestion for a new prompt please share it with us.

Have fun and enjoy this week's Tackle It Tuesday. Share your haiku (classical or non-classical) and be inspired.


Dulcina said...

Dew is a divine gift you have praised in your haiku trio nicely, threading them in a kind of poetical necklace.
Thanks for the prompt.

Rinkly Rimes said...

I liked this prompt so much that I threw in an acrostic as well for good measure.

Raven said...

Ah tis; Tuesday again where does the time go? Enjoyed your haiku and photos!