Thursday, September 20, 2012

Something written "Ins Blauen Hinein"

I thought today will be a good day. When I came out of my bed, around 9 AM, the sun was shining so bright. Birds, mainly Starlings gathering in one of the plane trees in front of my house, where singing or maybe talking with each other (smiles) how to travel to the south ... I don't know. The perfume of decomposing leaves, stronger after the heavy rainfall last night, well ... a wonderful morning.
Did some reading of comments on my weblog. Those comments brought a smile and a blush upon my face. Such nice words ... soothing for my mind (and ego). How immodest for a haiku poet ... to say that, but ... sometimes every one needs a tap on the shoulder and so do I.
I did some research on the upcoming prompts of September Heights and ran into a wonderful painting of Escher, a famous Dutch painter who was in love with paradoxes. Just awesome how he has crafted his paintings. I adore him ... just as I adore Van Gogh and other Dutch painters (e.g. Rembrandt and the modern artist Menno Baars a colleague of mine, he is a cardiologist in the same hospital).
We, the Dutch, have so many famous people in our history and in this time. Maybe I become as known as they are all over the world, but well ... I am on my way with the haiku I write.

all around the world
Dutch people are famous
so am I

so am I
the changing of the seasons
all around the world

Copyright Menno Baars 2012: One of his recent paintings.
Well ... it was a nice day and I am looking forward to the next day. What will it bring to me?

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Unknown said...

Well, I enjoy you haiku tons and I am over here in the middle of the United States. Another great one.