Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September Heights, day 18 starve

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I am a bit late today, but ... well I had other things to do. Today the prompt is starve and it brought memories back of the Haiku Challenge of Few Miles last february when one of the prompts was famine. I had some difficulties with writing than a haiku on the theme, so today ... I hope to do better with starve.

every day again
all around the world children die
through lack of food

why? still there is hunger and famine
even in the Western World

a homeless
seeking for food
in the garbage 

in the garbage
thrown away without thought
a Happy Meal

Credits: Children die through lack of food
It's shocking that this ... still occurs in the 21t century. It's just awe full.It makes me feel sick and sad ... Mother Earth's inhabitants dying ... through greed of the worldwide big corporations.

Well ... see you next day.


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I agree with your shock, and I wonder why this has to happen in our world.


Tigerbrite said...

A brave haiku that drives home the message of suffering and inequality in the world. Well said.

Reading Pleasure said...

Powerful statement

PattiKen said...

It's especially shocking when one considers the money spent of wars and politics. And pretty disgusting.

Barbara said...

Thought provoking set, Chevrefeuille, but the last one really packed a punch for me! Well done.

Unknown said...

Very powerful, and important questios to ask ourselves.

odyzz said...

your question is to the point..Why is it still there?? Impacting haiku..

vivinfrance said...

Bravo. We took the same angle. Not much choice, with this prompt.

joanne said...

That someone in the world is starving, really starving, not just hungry, is a tragedy. It's inconceivable that the governments of some of these lands are corrupt and greedy, so that the help that does come, never makes it to those in need.
I get worked up about these issues!

Chèvrefeuille said...

Thank you my dear visitors for these wonderful comments. I really can say that this prompt was very difficult to write a haiku on.

Vinay Leo R. said...

That last one made a mark. So much wastage of food. Really sad.

heavenhappens.wordpress.com said...

Tragic and still so true and it seems as if things will get worse in Europe before they get better.

Hazel said...

The giant behind Happy Meal was also a major sponsor during a supposedly healthy event like the London Olympics this year while the rest of the world are dealing with hunger pangs. World is going crazy. With you on this concern.

Teresa said...

I'd say you did an amazing job with this. It really is tragic. The last one really brings home how senseless waste is.