Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September Heights, day 13 Symphony

Inspired by the theme at

Symphony ... what a wonderful prompt. Thank you Becca of "On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea" for this prompt. It's not an easy one, but I think I can write a haiku or two, maybe more, with this one.
Symphony? It could be a wonderful piece of classical music, but also the melting together of several sounds, colors and odors. Well ... let's go do it ...

This is the music of one of the most famous symphonies of Ludwig von Beethoven ... his Fifth Symphony with that stunning overture. I love the music of Beethoven and I even have played his music once.

world famous symphony
with a stunning overture
Beethoven's Fifth

Beethoven's Fifth
loses it's beauty
the sound of nature

the sound of nature
Mother Earth's symphony
this serene morning

this serene morning
nature's colors and sounds
world famous symphony

Well ... I think I succeeded in this one, but that ... my dear visitors ... isn't up to me to decide. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

See you tomorrow.


Unknown said...

All are very nice. For some reason the second really hits me. I love it.

Susan Daniels said...

Oh, I enjoyed these immensely!

Rachana Shakyawar said...

Loved it,
The haiku & the details.
By the way, I'm the big fan of Beethoven, he is the legend and one of the most inspiring artist of the world and musical section. Thankyou for sharing his details. I request you to kindly go through this link to read further about how I feel for Beethoven, I hope u will like it >>'Music of No Boundaries'
Having said that all, I loved your composition,reading it is definitely comforting :)

~Keep the Spark Alive..

Barbara said...

I love Beethoven's music too! nice cascade, very musical!

Ellecee said...

Beethoven's music is beautiful as is the music of nature. Your haiku today is a lovely tribute to each.

Siggi in Downeast Maine said...

I like all the haiku stanzas but
"this serene morning
nature's colors and sounds
world famous symphony"
is my favorite.

Thank you for sharing.
Siggi in Downeast Maine, USA

PattiKen said...

Beautiful cascade. Beethoven and nature... what could be better?

kaykuala said...

Beethoven and his music! Can never be better! Great cascades, Chev!


Anonymous said...

Very nice, like the Beethoven use

Judith Westerfield said...

"This serene morning"
lovely ending. Enjoyed your music

Reading Pleasure said...

Finely written. The first one hit me hard!

Jolly said...

Mother Earth's symphony, what a lovely way of putting it. Nicely written.

Ramesh Sood said...

Absolutely delightful..and melodious too..


vivinfrance said...

Yes I did enjoy it. I liked the linked effect, coming full circle.

odyzz said...

A very musical cascade of haiku...enjoyed it...

knot2share said...

Basho2012 san!
I am leaning towards the last one. It gives me a good feeling at the end.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I hate to think of any symphony losing its beauty...

Symphony of Seeds

Unknown said...

Very nice set of haiku!

Anonymous said...

The ending Haiku is my favorite ... as wonderful as Beethoven is, God's music is most divine.

Thank you for sharing.
September Heights - Repertoire of Notes

Kathy Reed said...

I like the way the tritina form was almost unnoticeable..just learned about them,, so correct me if I'm wrong..