Saturday, January 7, 2012


For The Purple Treehouse haiku with a smile :)

This is the first time I will try to write some haiku/senryu with a smile or humour. Haiku and Senryu were always in the classical Japanese literature based on humour. So I have to try this. It will not be easy for me, because I am not such a guy with jokes and humour. I am a serious guy when it's about haiku (my passion), but ... well I never have run away for a challenge ... so let's go.

First I would like to give a haiku by Basho in which I think you can see humour:

ought one laugh or cry
when my Morning Glory
withers up

Credits: Morning Glory

Two by myself:

laugh at me
when I put my glasses on
I am an old man

such a hot day
my shadow needs to cool down
under the willow

Well ... I hope you did laugh :)


Friday, January 6, 2012


Join the fun!

Another Sensational haiku Wednesday. This time the prompt is "resolve". It's not an easy one, but I will give it a try. And I shall try to hold on this time to the classical syllables 5-7-5. It's not really my way of writing haiku, but I have to try that. This also is a challenge ... and maybe sensational too.

puzzle resolved
the sound of a waterfall
makes me happy

Japan: Cherry Blossom Dream Place (credits)

cherry blossoms bloom
resolving bare branches
the first day of Spring

Wow! This wasn't easy, but I succeeded. This was a challenge, and I think maybe I should write more haiku in the classical 5-7-5 form.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Haiku Heights, prompt "travel"

First A Happy New Year to you all.

A new week has come, another prompt to be creative with. This weeks prompt "travel". As you can read on my blog I am a big fan of Matsuo Basho, a haiku master. Basho was a traveller and made several journeys through Japan. His most known journey was his Journey to the Deep North. He wrote a haibun (prose and haiku emerged) about this Journey.

on my way
to the Deep North of Japan
just like Basho
credits: Mother Earth

I am a traveller
through Mother Earth's nature
Ah! Nature

in my dreams
I am a all time traveller
through poetry


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking forward a new year has come

The Poetry Picnic

For the Poetry Picnic of The Gooseberry Garden I have written the following haiku.

new years day
the fireworks
are the same

looking forward
listening to the wind of New Year
the rustling of trees

in my garden
on New Years Day
a tree in bloom

a whole new year
lays in front of me
what shall it bring?