Friday, August 15, 2014

My Angels

Credits: Sarolta Ban
A new Photo-Challenge at one of my favorite weblogs mindlovemisery's menagerie which I have discovered recently ... they have always a wonderful painting or photo for inspiration and I love to take up this challenge to write a poem, short story or something inspired on the photo. This time the title of this photo "Cardboard Angel" inspired me to write a haibun.

My Angels

I remember him very well, how could I ever forget him? He was the most precious what I had. We were always together and we shared almost everything. He is still around me after almost 20 years. I miss him every day ... sometimes I look at his photo on the wall just right of the TV-set ... framed in a silver frame together with my grandma and our Yorkshire terrier. All are missed ... and they all watch over me and my family.
No Cardboard Angel, but real angels ... I know for sure that he, my brother, my grandma and our Yorkshire are watching over me ... I can sense their presence in so many things ... I can feel them trying to cherish and comfort me as I am sad ... they are my angels ...

no cardboard angels
cherish and comfort me when I am sad,

... real angels do

© Chèvrefeuille

Well ... I hope you did like this post. See you next time.