Friday, January 25, 2013

ON BARE FEET, a haibun (reprise)

On Bare Feet

I wrote the following haibun. (Prose and Poetry united).

On Bare Feet in the Snow

I love walking on bare feet. So I do that a lot. As I come home from work the first thing I do is pull off my shoes and socks. It feels good. The air around my feet that have been enclosed in shoes the whole day. Even outside I am walking on bare feet.
Today I realized that I was on bare feet when I walked outside in the snow to close the fence. It’s so common to me to walk on bare feet.
In Summer’s, when our dog was still alive, I walked him on bare feet. I love the contact with Mother Earth as I am walking on bare feet through the grass, the forest or where ever. It feels like I am a kid again. When I was a baby I laid in my pram with bare feet. In that time I was pure and didn’t know much of the world. I didn’t know about haibun and haiku or what form of poetry.
Now … years later I experience that same pureness and not knowing when I walk on bare feet. Love that. Once again I have to walk on bare feet through the snow to close the fence again. The mailman has not closed it. When I have closed the fence I open the mail. In one of them I see a wonderful Anton Pieck card, such a nostalgic card. A little boy, poorly dressed, walking on bare feet in the snow and throwing snowballs. He laughs and his face is healthy red by the cold and the joy of throwing snowballs.

on bare feet
a street urchin plays
in the snow

Haiku My Heart, Silk

Dear friends on Haiku My Heart,

Today on my daily haiku meme Carpe Diem we share haiku on 'silk'. I love to share here on Haiku My Heart one of my haiku written for today's episode of Carpe Diem.

arousing my senses
the sweet coolness of silk blankets
shared with my love

Mayby it's to sensual, but it was the first thing I thought about when I was preparing the episode on 'silk'.


Chèvrefeuille (a.k.a. Kristjaan Panneman)