Saturday, October 6, 2012

Haiku Heights, home

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After a month of writing haiku every day we are back to the normal rhythm. Today the prompt for Haiku Heights is home a wonderful prompt I think to write a haiku about. So let's go ... and look if I am in a good flow to write a haiku (or a few).

in the backyard
overgrown by Ivy
my old bike

my old bike
leaning to the hot wall of my home
a hot summer day

a hot summer day
in the backyard of my home
sparrows bathing

sparrows bathing
in the fountain of the mansion
what refreshing

what refreshing
seeking shadow under the willow
in the backyard

Credits (and thanks); Mansion
This was my post for this week's Haiku Heights on the prompt 'home'.

An Impromptu Verse

Sometimes I write 'Ins Blauen Hinein' a haiku and today I love to share one of these Impromptu verses. Just written today when I sat on the terrace. Maybe this is what haiku means ... haiku is a moment as short as a pebble thrown in a pond ... this was such a moment.
It was almost noon and when I looked up to the sky I saw the sun and the moon standing together at the sky. This brought me the following haiku:

already noon
still together the sun and the moon -
ah! what a joy

I like this one.

Isn't it awesome ...

Friday, October 5, 2012

Through the Seasons

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The prompt for today is Moon and I had to write a haiku (or a few) on our beloved satellite the Moon. So let's go do this ...

through the seasons
every human changes a lot
the moon stays herself

the moon stays herself
from waning to growing
in circles

in circles of color
she, the moon, hides her face
behind the veil

behind the veil
she, our beloved moon, changes
through the seasons

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Flight of an Eagle

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and on: Hyde Park Poetry's Thursday Poets Rally week 74

Credits: Eagle by Steven M. Gardner

I was looking for some nice relaxation music on You Tube and ran into a wonderful video on 'The Flight of an Eagle. Wonderful video on Eagle's Flight with wonderful music by Karunesh (a great artist). I discovered his wonderful music several years ago and was immediately in love with his wonderful music. I even made a hyves about him.

Back to my today's new post on Flight of an Eagle. Eagles are wonderful creatures with graceful flight it is really stunning to see them fly.

above the polder
graceful Eagle in his flight
searching for prey

endless sky -
King of Birds praying
Om Mane Padme Hum

praying in my dreams
to be an Eagle in his flight
what a freedom

It's really a wonder how this wonderful creature 'King of the Birds' as the American natives say, with his strength can bring you a deep spiritual feeling. Really awesome.
Next to the Egret ... the Eagle is one of my totems, both stand for strong meanings respectively 'Everlasting' and 'Holy Spirit'. I cherish my totems and in my dreams I visit them a lot, or when I am meditating I feel like an Eagle in his flight ... looking all around the world and see how wonderful Mother Earth is and how sad it is to see that we, her inhabitants, are demolishing her surface. Makes me sad ... but also filled with joy, because I know that Mother Earth is strong and will survive bringing us always a new Spring, new Hope and new Strength.

high above Mother Earth
I feel like an Eagle watching
searching for new life

searching for new life
inside with my Inner Eye
flight of an Eagle

What a delight ... writing about such a wonderful animal.

I am awarded by Hyde Park Poetry for Thursday Poets rally week 73. Thank you for this award, I will accept it humble and we pride. I nominate for Thursday Poets Rally week 74 Sajeev Kumar Menon for his poem Innocence

Please visit: Hyde Park Poetry's Thursday Poets Rally week 74

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Poets United, Wonder Wednesday #3

 Good day dear visitors,

Another Wonder Wednesday at Poets United. Last week I tried this for the first time with a haiku on 'tea-ghost' and this week I will try it again. This week it's all about changing yourself, be yourself and try something new therefor I have chosen to write an Acrostic Haiku.
Haiku writing, composing is a wonder. To say a lot with so less words ... it's not only a wonder, it's an adventure. In our modern times we have such much different haiku forms and that's why I call haiku ART ... we have Pi-Ku, Naisaiku, Cascading Haiku, Non-traditional Haiku and last but not least we have the Acrostic Haiku.

I wasn't aware of all those haiku forms 'till last February. I participated in the February Haiku Challenge of Few Miles (the website of SiS), a daily haiku meme in which we had to write haiku on a given prompt or theme. In that challenge I had to conquer also other forms of haiku. The toughest one was the Acrostic Haiku. I had never heard of that form so I had to search for information about the Acrostic Haiku. I found an article about that form on DevianArt I read it again and again ... it was really a struggle, but I had to try and well ... I did. I came up with the following Acrostic Haiku in which POETRY is the Acrostichon and EAST the Liaison. I think you can understand why I chose those two words (smiles).

Perfect way
Of writing haiku
Eastern thoughts
ulip bulbs
Redder than red
Year after year

Well ... I can tell you it wasn't an easy one to compose, but I was proud that I had crafted my first Acrostic Haiku ever. It was hard to write it and after writing this one I concluded that I never will write, compose an Acrostic Haiku again.
Until now I didn't write an Acrostic Haiku again, but ... well see for yourself.

A rainy day
Under the umbrella
Tears of Joy
United again by
Music of the Swan lake
Newly weds

In this Acrostic Haiku you can see that sadness and joy can walk together. In nature all is music. Autumn stands for decay and detachment as Swan Lake does also, but love conquers everything.
In this Acrostic Haiku I have tried to compare Autumn's falling and dancing leaves with a ballerina in her Tutu dancing Swan Lake.
I used Autumn as the Acrostichon and Tutu (a skirt worn as a costume in a ballet performance) as the Liaison.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, to me it was (again) a struggle to write it, but also a great joy.

Well ... maybe 'till next week's Wonder Wednesday.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Carpe Diem, seize the day, my new daily haiku meme is on.

Good day dear Haijin and visitors,

My new daily haiku meme Carpe Diem, seize the day is online. You can post there your haiku every day on a given prompt.
Enjoy the fun, be inspired and share your haiku with the world. Here below you can see the prompts for the whole month October. (Click to enlarge)

All the prompts for Carpe Diem October 2012
As you can see I have enclosed five special prompts (nr. 1-5) on haiku written by Basho. You can read here what the meaning of this special prompt is.
Visit also my other weblogs:

Basho Revisited
Chèvrefeuille's Poetryblog
Chèvrefeuille's Haibun (prose and haiku)

Enjoy reading my other weblogs.

silence ...
on the thin line of day and night
Nightingale's song

Credits: Nightingales
Hope to see you around on one of my weblogs. Maybe you will participate in Carpe Diem, seize the day ... well be my guest and enjoy the fun and inspiration of writing haiku.


Chèvrefeuille, a Dutch haiku poet
The Carpe Diem prompt for today is storm 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tackle It Tuesday, Tea

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Dear Haijin,

A week has gone by ... time flies ... and you can't stop it. So a new Tackle It Tuesday is on. The theme for this week is tea. Tea ... a lovely hot drink, but also as ice-tea a good drink. Tea is worth a ceremony as we can see in classical Japan.
In Japan (even now) the tea ceremony is wonderful. I have once written a haibun on the tea ceremony of Rykyu, unfortunately that haibun I have written in my maiden language Dutch. The tea ceremony is full of spirituality and aesthetic. Here below I have enclosed a video on the Tea ceremony. Enjoy watching it.

Tea ... what about tea? Just tea ... enjoy it ... so blessed when you drink tea (it's not my kind of drink, I am more of coffee). Take a cup and be inspired to write a haiku.

drinking tea
together with friends
what a party

what a party
being part of Rykyu's tea ceremony
drinking tea is art

This prompt will stay on 'till Monday October 8th 11.59 PM

By the way please visit my new weblog Carpe Diem, seize the day. It's a new daily haiku meme and I will give every day a new theme/prompt.

Check out this: Hyde Park has a item about me in their Participating Talent Show. Really awesome.

A second full moon ... Blue Moon

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Last August 31th we had a Blue Moon. In several other countries this occurred on September 1st. And now we have a second full moon in September.

it's a mystery
today a second full moon occurred
awesome ... Blue Moon

Isn't it a wonderful idea? A second full moon again. Two months after eachother a Blue Moon. I love it.

Blue Moon