Saturday, January 28, 2012

Haiku Heights "Crimson"

This weeks prompt "crimson" is (again) a tough one. What can I do with this prompt? Well I have to try of course so here I ga:

the day has gone
crimson clouds touching
the wild waves

highlighted crimson
the raspberry in my garden
late summer

ah! that color
the deepest red I ever saw
her new robe

in the frontyard
the young roses blooming
the deepest red


Friday, January 27, 2012


For the: short-story slam of Bluebell Books
I have gotten an invitation to write for Bluebell Books Short story slam week 19. I am glad they invited me, so I will try to write a haibun (prose and haiku) on "Springtime".


When the dark period of the year goes by and spring is coming I become happy. Spring is my season. After hibernation nature begins blooming and comes to live. As I see the Snowdrops come in bloom I feel how Mother Earth is reborn again.
The Cherry- and Plum-trees begin blossoming and especially when the Cherry tree in my backyard is starting to bloom I am so happy.
I have to give a party when the first Cherry blossom blooms. I call all my friends and family to tell them that my Cherry tree is in bloom again and that's worth a celebration. I love that moment. I feel a little child again and come to live after my hibernation.
Springtime ... nature comes to live once again. It's worthy to celebrate when the Cherry trees are blooming, especially mine of course :-).

I have written a lot of haiku about Cherry trees, but I have never written , as I call it, "my masterpiece" on Cherry trees. Maybe this is the one. In this haiku I hope that spring is present.

on winter's edge
the first Cherry blossom blooms
rain falls softly

Well ... did I succeed in my goal to write "my masterpiece" on Cherry trees? Maybe not, but spring is surely present.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Poets Rally wk. 61

Thursday Poets Rally week 61
Good day to you all,

Another week has gone by. Another week to Rally is ahead of us. I am glad to be in it again and I hope that you will visit my contribution to this weeks rally and read it with pleasure. I have search for some new haiku to publish here and I think I have a nice set put together.

snow falls softly
the statue of Buddha covered
in white silk

Credits: Buddha in the snow
winter night
a lonesome stray cat
in the old barn

lost in the field
only stars as my compass -
cry of a snowy owl

making love
in front of the fireplace
finally home

Well I am happy with tis set of haiku. A nice little story.

Happy Rally!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic on New York Times headlines

Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic
For this weeks Poetry Picnic the headlines of The New York Times are the prompt. So I read The NT and came on with the next haiku:

mad America
Giants head for superbowl
wild boars

the Snowy Owl has come back
to the States

Well ... I have to read The New York Times to write new haiku I think. I didn't expected this was so nice to do. Thanks for this "prompt" Taylor.

Happy Poetry Picnic :)