Thursday, March 29, 2012

Emerging music and haiku


And their Thursday Think Tank on "music".

And also published for: Haiku My Heart

Music was always my first love until I discovered haiku. Music became less interesting and writing haiku became my passion. In this weblog I will try to combine both. So I will write a few new haiku (impromptu) with music (or an association on it) as theme.

the sound of nature
rustling leaves, singing cicadas
music of Mother Earth

music of Mother Earth
the cherry blossoms coming to bloom
without sound

without sound
winter departs on bare feet
snowdrops blooming

snowdrops blooming
the drizzling spring rain
the sound of nature

Well I think that I have succeeded in emerging both passions.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blue Monday "Here comes Easter"

Smiling Sally
 Published for Blue Monday

Today I ran into the wonderful weblog Smiling Sally and was glad to read this weblog and also to see that Smiling Sally has a every week Blue Monday challenge. As you all know ... I love challenges so I will try to write a few haiku with Blue Monday as theme.

Well .... let's go do it.

Morningglory blooms
in the front of the old mansion
for a Blue Monday

Blue skies
cloud patches
a dragonkite

a dragonkite
high in the blue sky
just like yesterday

'Till next Blue Monday,

Blessed Be,

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Mag # 110

Credits: Duane Michals
For The Mag another paint the picture challenge. I have written a haiku along to this wonderful photograph by Duane Michals. A little bit different from my other haiku I think, but I love doing this painting with words. So enjoy the read.

together as one
mirror mirror on the wall
separated again

 Well ... 'till next week's The Mag.