Saturday, December 24, 2011

HAIKU HEIGHTS prompt #99 "Christmas"

I have proposed the prompt for this week "Christmas" so I have to make a good one (smiles). Christmas? What does it mean?
Christmas, the festival of the Light coming to our world. Once ... a Child was born known as the Son of God. Christmas is, in my opinion, the holiday of the year. The message of Christmas has gone. All around the world wars and terrorism are now common. Where is the "peace to the world" which is the message of Christmas as the Angels once sang for the sheperds?
Now since we have Santa Claus, Christmas has become a time of giving presents and gifts to our loved ones, the joy of gathering and eating turkey and Christmas pudding.
Christmas once about peace to the world has become about love, giving and peace in our families and peace with our friends and beloved ones.
Christmas ... how to write about Christmas in a haiku (or set of haiku). Let's go do it, it's a challenge or isn't it?

preparing Christmas
decorating the Tree of Light
brings peace and joy

Christmas stockings
hanging above the fireplace
awaiting presents

at dinnertime
drinking eggnog, eating turkey
and Christmas pudding

a Child was born
in a cold winternight
Angels singing

peace to the world
while wars are being fought
tears of Christ

make it happen
enjoy the Holidays
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you and may 2012 bring you all new haiku, poems, love, light and maybe ... just maybe ... at last



Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Purple Tree House invitational for haiku prompt "Christmas and New Year"

I am honoured that the purple tree house has invited me to join their haiku challenge. They have given the prompt "Christmas and New Year" to write a haiku about. At their site, on the theme haiku, they have published a nice article about "how to write haiku".

They enclosed already an award and season greetings.

So here a few new haiku inspired by The Purple Tree House prompt:

dreams become true
this Christmas eve at last
a White Christmas

snowflakes whirl -
in front of the old church
the Tree of Light

this New Years day
after the wonderful fireworks
nothing has changed

yesterday's wind
on New Years Eve
still the same

As you can see. These haiku aren't in the classical way written. I write my haiku in an old classical style known as Kanshicho. In this style one can use another scheme of syllables. So many of my haiku have schemes of syllables such as 4-4-4 or 4-9-5 syllables and not the classical 5-7-5. This Kanshicho style was once an idea of Basho (1644-1694) a well known haiku master.

and a Happy New Year