Saturday, February 18, 2012

Haiku Heights, "illusion"

I write illusions with my words and I will try to write a haiku with the prompt "illusion".

in the desert
the heat, the sand ... my eyes
a Fata Morgana

Not a strong one, but ... well my inspiration isn't that great on this moment.

Until next week.

The Haiku Challenge day 18

Written for The Haiku Challenge 2012 - Day 18 – February 18th – Theme or Word: Famine

This isn't an easy one to do I think. First I had to find the definition of famine, because I didn't know that word. I found that famine means hunger and starvation. To find another word with the same meaning I search on synonyms for famine and I found the following synonyms: poverty, misery, scarcity and starvation. With those words I think I can write a haiku (or maybe a few haiku), but it is really a tough one. So I hope that the following haiku are OK.

the cold winter
birds in misery
heavy snow

an old cow stable
a place for refugees
what a poverty

water birds freezing 
severe winter

Mother Earth cries
every day her inhabitants
starving of hunger

What a sad Challenge today. It wasn't easy and these series of haiku aren't masterpieces I think, but they are all very strong. (By the way: these are written in Kanshicho-style).

Credits: The face of Poverty

Until tomorrow. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Haiku Challenge day 17

Written for The Haiku Challenge 2012 - Day 17 – February 17th – Theme or Word: Wait + Paint the Image
Inspirational Image Clicked by Anand of: Apple Blossom's Photography

waiting for the shop
to buy the everyday groceries
every day again

waiting for spring
the last snow is melting
finally green leaves

I can't wait
to see the blossom of the cherries
the shortest day

life is about waiting
longing for tomorrow
the first day of spring

Wait was the theme for today. It was a tough one because it was also on paint the image. The theme and the picture made it difficult to write these set of haiku. I hope you enjoy them.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Haiku Challenge, day 16

Written for The Haiku Challenge 2012 - Day 16 – February 16th – Theme or Word: Sin Form: Haibun

This is a wonderful Challenge Day, because I may write a haibun one of my favorites. The total amount of 150 words ... I don't know if I can manage that ... well we will see.

This is also contributed to: The Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic


I am an oncology nurse. I see very ill patients every day. It sometimes feels as a sin to do what the physician wants me to do. Of course the goal is to make the patient healthy again, but there are lines I don't want to cross. Patients, e.g. with lung cancer, are at the end of there strength and nevertheless the physician wants to do everything. I can understand that. Physicians are healers, but not to all costs. Very ill patients not becoming healthy anymore must have the chance to die in peace and with a certain quality of Life and in dignity. Patients must have a perfect way to die. I think it's a sin, an imperfection, to cross the lines and take the patient's dignity and quality of life.

death can be a friend
the savior of very ill people -
a flower of light

See you tomorrow ... for another challenge day.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sensational Haiku Wednesday, Love

Join the fun!

Also published for: Haiku my Heart

A new sensational haiku wednesday. In this week of St. Valentine the prompt for this week is "Love". Love ... the most needed energy for every one. Without love no life I use to say. And I think ... lots of others do think the same.
Unconditional love for everyone and everything is, in my opinion, the way to make our planet a better place to live. So let's go and write a few haiku on love.

red roses blooming
the smile of my lovely wife
my heart is pounding

love naturally 
Mother Earth's wonderful face
blooming in Spring

Credits: Mother Earth by Biswaal
she is lovely
the first full moon of Summer
the sound of the sea

Well ... I think this haiku triplet on love ... has become wonderful. I hope you like them as much as I do.


The Haiku Challenge, day 15

Written for The Haiku Challenge 2012 - Day 15 – February 15th – Theme: Paint the Image
Inspirational Image from: Google Images, Author: Unknown

A new Challenge day, today day 15 ... paint the image.

after the game
an abandoned football
smiling from the mud

the game is over
all levels played
with a smile

in the muddy water
a smiling ball looks up to the sky
rain broke the game

This wasn't easy. It's a lovely picture, but it was a tough one to write haiku about. Thank you for the inspiration you have given with this lovely picture.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Haiku Challenge, day 14

Valentine's day, a day to send cards to secret lovers or give gifts to the one you love. But ... who was Valentine? I did some research on Valentine.

Saint Valentine's Day, commonly shortened to Valentine's Day, is a holiday observed on February
14 honoring one or more early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine. It was first established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD, and was later deleted from the General Roman Calendar of saints in 1969 by Pope Paul VI.
The day first became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. By the 15th century, it had evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as "valentines").

Saint Valentine (in Latin, Valentinus) is the name of several (14 in all ) martyred saints of ancient Rome. The name "Valentine", derived from valens(worthy, strong, powerful), was popular in Late Antiquity. Of the Saint Valentine whose feast is on February 14, nothing is known except his name and that he was buried on the Via Flaminia north of Rome on February 14, he was born on April 16. It is even uncertain whether the feast of that day celebrates only one saint or more saints of the same name. For this reason this liturgical commemoration was not kept in the Catholic calendar of saints for universal liturgical veneration as revised in 1969. But "Martyr Valentinus the Presbyter and those with him at Rome" remains in the list of saints proposed for veneration by all Catholics

Well ... now I know a little bit more of Saint Valentine's Day. Now I can write a few new haiku for today's haiku challenge :-)

behind the clouds
the mysterious moon
'be my Valentine'

Valentine's Day
the postmen brings love cards
someone unknown

newly weds
eating oysters
under the plum tree

her lovely face
smiling at me in the mirror
'love you forever'

newly weds
under the blooming cherries
Ah! how lovely

Until tomorrow :-)

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Mag 104

Another paint the image ... for Magpie Tales:

like a goddess
she is surrounded by 
her admirers

OK ... I am excited about this one. I hope you, dear visitor, like it too.

The Haiku Challenge, day 13

Written for The Haiku Challenge 2012 - Day 13 – February 13th – Theme: Paint the Image
What a beautiful smile by my Nephew Ashik, Today is his 2nd Birthday :-) Photo Clicked by Someone is Special of Few Miles

Paint the image is the task for today, day 13 of The Haiku Challenge. It's a wonderful picture and it inspired me to the following series of haiku.

the little boy
playing with a balloon
"it's the full moon!"

big white balloon
makes the little boy laugh
after his tears

the future
is here and now full of joy
a little child laughs

See you tomorrow.