Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Haiku Challenge day 29, the last day of the Challenge

Day 29 – February 29th – Theme or Word: Journey

This it ... the last day of the Haiku Challenge. It was a real Journey to write an haiku every day on a given theme. It wasn't always easy, sometimes even tough to write, but I succeeded every day again.
Today this Journey will come to an end and I have to wait for a possible new Haiku Challenge next year. I will surely miss it. It was fun and a pleasure to write an every day haiku or some other haiku form if asked. There was e.g. the Pi-ku and the Naisaiku haiku forms I wasn't familiar with. And what about the Acrostic haiku ... that (for sure) was a challenge.
 I loved doing this and now ... well just a last change to write for The Haiku Challenge 2012. I will thank Someone is Special for giving us the opportunity to write our deepest feelings and write haiku. Haiku ... my passion. I love to write haiku and for sure I will write haiku the rest of my life and maybe ... some Pi-ku, Naisaiku and Acrostic haiku too.
Today ... my last change to write another set of haiku to share with you all. This set of haiku must be very special, because it's the last day of The Haiku Challenge. So let's do it.
Someone is Special asked us "to leave your footprints" that's what I have done and I will use that line in one of my haiku here.
It was a pleasure to be part of this Haiku Challenge.


a little verse
to leave my footprint on the Internet
scent of Honeysuckle

scent of Honeysuckle
makes me slumberous
dreaming of passion

dreaming of passion
while walking along the seashore
with the one I love
On a Journey, along the Lord's Roads
with the one I love
I undertake a journey
into oblivion

into oblivion
with my pencil and paper
a little verse

It was my pleasure to share this with you and I hope that all who visited my haiku-blog will continuing reading and writing haiku or one of the other haiku forms we encountered.
With sad feelings struggling with happy feelings I remain silent and humble.
Well ... maybe we meet again ... some day, some place, until than ... God Bless.



 Chèvrefeuille a.k.a. Kristjaan Panneman

PS. I hope this will not be the end of all your visits here. Please drop in sometimes.


Asni said...

Lovely set of haiku, Chevrefeuille! I've enjoyed reading you during this whole journey. Thank you for the company. God Bless!

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Chevrefeuille
Nameste! :) :)

That was such a wonderful reading of a journey. Loved the last part. And somehow simply in love with Honey-Suckle kind of scent and colour of your verse.

For me it has been not just a pleasure of reading some wonderful haiku but it was more of a learning process for me. I'm so glad that this Haiku Avenue was conducted by SiS and I came across your awesome Blogs.

I look forward to same beautiful amalgamation of emotions, creativity and colours bond in future too.

However, due to extensive travelling I could not be that prompt in responding, hence I'm heartily apologetic. I hope you will understand!

Gemma Wiseman said...

A sense of honeyed, mystical slumber in your words! Like an invitation to create a dream and then dare to live it! Beautiful!

Andy Sewina said...

Your work is always a pleasure and a joy to read, it was good to share this journey with you.

Btw in April you can do the NaPoWriMo challenge and I believe Haiku Heights are offering prompts for April too.

Ellecee said...

A beautiful Haiku set to end this journey we have shared with quite a few. Thank you so much . It has been so good to meet you. I will be watching for your footprints again.

Susie Clevenger said...

These are beautiful haiku. I write haiku often so they will continue to show up on my blog. So happy to have been on this haiku journey with you.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

A little verse makes a big imprint on the journey. Keep writing! And thank you...

Journey with My Muse

... said...

29 Days and it was Delight to read you,Krist!
And the Haiku set is Beautiful!
Thank you for visiting and encouraging with your words.
Good wishes :)

Vidya Sury said...

Very touching, Chevrefeuille. It has been such a pleasure to read your haiku!

Many thanks for your support!

Anonymous said...

This was a beautiful poem! I think you ended the haiku challenge with an excellent piece of work. I wish I could have participated in this challenge, but I found out too late, oh well.

Anyway, of course I'll keep coming back, as long as you keep on writing. :)


Someone is Special said...

It is my extreme pleasure to read you all these days.. Thankful and blessed I am.. Wish to meet you soon in a challenge.. SmileS... and I'm touched to read those beautiful footprints.. thanks a billion... :-)

becca givens said...

What a delightful cascading Haiku to end this part of the journey, and to see us off into the next ... your style is delightful.

It has been a joy to visit you and your creative contributions this past month. In many ways it is difficult to believe the challenge is over, and in other ways, I am glad. :D It has been a pleasure. Thank you ~~

Grace said...

This is a beautiful cascading haiku and thank you for sharing your haiku with us. I enjoyed the nature images of your lines, which I think should be the way to write haiku.

I wish you well in your journey. For me, I am learning other writing styles so I will be going into another direction.

But I will still be posting once a week thru Haiku Heights. See you and thanks for all your wonderful comments. You are truly inspiring ~

⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺ said...

Hey Chevrefeuille...That's lovely haiku :)
I really enjoyed reading all your haiku in this Haiku challenge....learned a lot too...Your explanations about new forms was very helpful for me. Thank you so much for sharing....Namaste :)

sonsylass said...

Isn't it a wonderful feeling to lose yourself, become engrossed, in something you enjoy doing? Wishing you much success and continued enjoyment!

Maude Lynn said...

I really enjoyed the set!