Saturday, February 11, 2012

Haiku Heights "Desire"

This week a lovely prompt "desire", I have searched for some synonyms and came up with the following ones: yearning; longing; wish for and require. There are more synonyms of desire, but I have chosen the ones I can work with.

full of desire
eyes of my granddaughter
on her birthday

so sad, leaves fall
I am longing to see
cherry blossoms bloom

the freezing cold
I am yearning for summer
the shortest day

a shower of stars
the little boy smiles
what do you wish for?

falling in love
it just requires another one
my heart is pounding



carol l mckenna said...

lovely haiku and awesome photos ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

anthonynorth said...

Excellent variety of haiku there.

Karen said...

A lovely series of haiku! The first was my favourite, I see that look in my granddaughter's eyes too.

Teresa said...

These are all wonderful. I think my favorite is the yearning for summer.

Thanks for not making my goat comment for me anymore. :-)

Siggi in Downeast Maine said...

Enjoyed this very much.
The photos are lovely.
Thank you for sharing.
Siggi in Downeast Maine

MyWordsWhisper said...

Very nice haiku.

Vinay Leo R. said...

ah.. that childhood desire, for lots of love and gifts.. makes me nostalgic.

falling in love is easy. its finding that other pounding heart that matters.. and it should be pounding for u :)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

You and I share a similar longing: to see signs of spring!

A Desire Shattered