Saturday, March 17, 2012

Haiku My Heart

Also published for: The Poetry Pantry #92 of Poets United

Haiku My Heart

I almost forgot to write a haiku for Haiku My Heart this week because I had a very busy week at work. So I am a few days late but I had to write a new haiku my heart. This week was very busy. At my work in the local hospital I had a few patients that were given bad news. They had all cancer and it's my task, as an oncology nurse, to help them through this very bad news and telling them the possibility's for cure and care. It was a tough week that I can tell you. Very heavy sometimes, but I am always happy as I see how my patients flourish again when they hear what the possibility's are. Of course sometimes there is no cure ... that's giving me tears and sadness ... to be powerless to help them.
Under such conditions ... I am so glad that I have my haiku to write. So this week's Haiku My Heart haiku is inspired on my work as an oncology nurse.

tears falling
on silk pillows
life has gone

life has gone
leaving me powerless
such sadness

such sadness
on this grave of my brother
tears falling

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rebecca said...

your haiku grip my heart. my dear friend lost her father just a few days ago for this very reason. thank you for the work you do and the love you bring with you to comfort and lift all those around you. there is nothing more important than to live a life of compassion for all those around us. i see that you have found not only the ability to express profoundly through the written word but also through your life's work.
thank you for both.

Ramesh Sood said...

I am touched...linking chain of haiku with such extra-ordinary expression caught in are engaged in such a meaningful work..may God always be on your side..and let your work and healing words offer solace to the sufferers...

Marit said...

It sounds like you are doing a beautiful and difficult job that fits you well. From what you tell about it, I can tell you are good at your job too! Your haiku are very touching. Enjoy the weekend.

Asni /A Walk In My Heart said...

Your haiku is tender and beautiful. I'm sure it's not easy to see sickness and death around you evey day and to come out of it still positive. Thank you for the job you're doing. May God always keep you blessed.

Jyoti Mishra said...

its touching !!
the grief and sadness was well reflected.

gma said...

Grief and angst make beauty in art and haiku.

Scarlet said...

Very lovely words..I like the cascading haiku of life gone and tears falling.

You have such a caring and loving heart ~

Cheers ~

(aka Grace)

Laura Maria said...

I really like how they are each a continuation of the last but stand on their own at the same time.

Dawn Elliott said...

I love how you wove the haikus together to tell your story. What a touching and heartfelt offering...

Hazel said...

Sorry... I was touched. You used words powerfully here.

booguloo said...

Very thoughtful takes.