Friday, March 9, 2012

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival haiku invitational

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Good day my dear visitors,

Every year in Vancouver (Canada) there is a wonderful festival, the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, to celebrate the 40.000 cherry trees of Vancouver coming in bloom. It's a great festival, although I have never been there, celebrating the Cherries.
Every year during the festival there is a Haiku Challenge to write haiku about Cherry Blossoms and Cherry Trees and of course their beauty. I have participated in that, so called Haiku Invitational,  several times. It's lovely to write haiku about Cherry Trees and their beauty. And in 2010 my haiku won a honorable mention in the International category.
When you will participate in this Haiku Invitational you have to write two haiku about Cherry Trees, Cherry Blossom and all other themes on Cherries. Maybe it's something for you my dear visitor. Try and write a haiku or two about Cherries and contribute them to the Haiku Invitational 2012. Look for more information on the website of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival.

I have contributed my haiku for the Invitational today ... maybe I win this time ... if not ... doesn't matter I love to write haiku and share them with the world.

the spring breeze
caresses the Cherry Blossoms
ah! that perfume

Another Cherry Blossom haiku, not one of the two I have contributed to the Haiku Invitational, but just a new one. If you will contribute to the Haiku Invitational ... than you may contribute only not published haiku.

Well ... I hope that you, my dear visitor, will be part of the Haiku Invitational of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival.

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