Thursday, September 20, 2012

September Heights, day 21 glory

Inspired by the theme at

Glory is the prompt for today's September Heights (thank you Jaideep). Another great prompt ... maybe I will write a sequel on the one of yesterday.

his eyes went dark
a journey to heaven started
brought new light

brought new light
in Gods heavenly home
the glory of life

the glory of life
cherry blossoms blooming
above his grave

above his grave
the skylark is glorifying
his Creator 

his Creator
brought new life to the world
my nephew

my nephew
with his sparkling eyes
what a glory

God's Heavenly Home
I hope you liked the read and the continuation of the haiku of yesterday. It's sometimes sad to write such haiku like this, but ... well I love my work ... and take care for these patients out of unconditional love.

'Till next day.


Ramesh Sood said...

Beautiful...I liked it..the way you have weaved it..


Barbara said...

The last one is especially beautiful, Kristjaan. Thank you for sharing such deeply felt emotions.

Unknown said...

they are all nice, but I am leaning towards #3. Thank you for sharing your love, Kristjaan san!

Chèvrefeuille said...

Thank you dear visitors for the kind words you sprinkle on me. I loved writing this continuation on my post yesterday.
I feel blessed ... to do what I love to do. Caring for my patients and writing haiku.


Dulcina said...

Life and death so nicely connected in your haiky.
I especially like the image of the skylark glorifying the Creator.
Kristjaan, may He bless your nephew and thanks for sharing your emotions.

Ellecee said...

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful thoughts with us.

Unknown said...

I really love this. I like how it goes from heaven, to the grave and blossoms, to a baby. Wonderful.

Christine "Chrissi" L. Villa said...

Poignant haiku. I like the lines - cherry blossom blooming
above his grave

and the skylark....

Full of emotions. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Anonymous said...

really liking your write today, your liking of the circle of things is very good

odyzz said...

the flow of your words is so smooth..loved reading it...

Sayantini said...

I love all the images here, beautifully depicted:D

Hazel said...

Life and death wonderfully portrayed. I love the picture I saw while reading your lines. 'Skylark is glorifying his Creator' is a fave.

Sri Valli said...

Very beautiful and touching haiku Kristjaan!

Anonymous said...

Many layers of the meaning -- "new light" ... out of death -- a glorious birth. Nicely woven!!
September Heights - Sings Sun's Glory

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

great tribute!

Two Glories: Litter and Flower

Reading Pleasure said...

A fine weave.

A Hopeless Romantic said...

Poignant images.
I like the series.

vivinfrance said...

A glory-ful chain. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

love the word flow.

Teresa said...

Truly wonderful!

Chèvrefeuille said...

This series is dedicated to my brother R.I.P.