Saturday, October 20, 2012

Carpe Diem, Nightingale

Today we have ... Nightingale ... for prompt. So let's go and write a haiku or two on Nightingale.

in the twilightzone
the song of a nightingale
in my backyard

in my backyard
inbetween the trees and bushes
a nightingale's song

As a nurse I love to share here a haiku about Florence Nightingale.

lady with the lamp
seeking for wounded soldiers
the source of nursing

the source of nursing
daughter of a preacherman
lady with the lamp

See you next time ... when? I don't know ... we will see.


Amrit Sinha said...

Florence Nightingale was a great lady ... good haiku written dedicated to her !!!

joanne said...

Not a creative day for me at all, but I can hear the bird's song......I too am a nurse, and totally appreciate all the Lady with the Lamp accomplished...

Dulcina said...

First time I hear of Florence Nightingale, thanks; she spread her light to soldiers.
I have enjoyed the sound from your backyard.

Reading Pleasure said...

lovely set, the allusion to Florence Nightingale my best.