Monday, November 19, 2012

Misty Morning

Credits: Misty Graveyard
For Carpe Diem I composed the next haiku:

The prompt for today is MIST.

misty morning
the sound of church bells
wakes the dead

Another one:

through the mist
bellowing of cows
the sound of church bells

And for closure:

exposed to mist
an old sand stone church
looking as new

Credits: Penshurst Church
That was my contribution for Carpe Diem's prompt MIST for today. See tomorrow or whatever time and day.


C.S.H said...

That last church was very beautiful.. sand stone. Appears to be old, worn and archaic.. I love old things.. Very beautiful!!!

joanne said...

love the imagery and sounds.... of church bells waking the dead....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images all. The second is my favorite with the bells and bellowing cows. Nice juxtaposition of sounds.

brudberg said...

Lovely haiku. I admire the bravery in referring to he cows. Very good

Mark said...

Mist seems to transform all sounds and make them mist-erious!