Saturday, November 17, 2012


Isn''t it a wonderful flower? The Peony ... so fragile and colorful, but it can also be a big flower when the Peony is a ''double one".
I had to write another haiku inspired on this haiku by Issa:

the peony falls
spilling out yesterday''s

This is my other haiku on peony:

pink flowers bloom
between green dewy leaves
a double peony

Hm it''s a beauty I think.

Have a nice weekend ... see you another day.


brudberg said...

Lovely, I just wish I could have peonies. But roses seems to thrive so they'll have to do.

C.S.H said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! I love it!

joanne said...

there is nothing as sweet as the peony's aroma...

siggiofmaine said...

I'd forgotten about peonies until I spotted some at a neighbors house tucked against the house...such beauty, especially the doubles in rainbow pastels.
Thank you for the was a challenge, but brought back the memory if my mother calling them

Peace, Siggi in Downeast Maine

Mark said...

It's those dark green leaves that accentuate the peony's color.