Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Haiku Heights April Challenge 2013, Butterfly

Inspired by the theme at

Today the Haiku Heights prompt is Butterfly, a nice prompt I think and I love to share a few haiku on this prompt.

in the Buddleia
fluttering of fragile wings
waving on the wind

Another one:

waving on the wind
butterflies resting in the sun
on the Buddleia

And a nice set of Butterfly haiku to enclose this post:

the cobweb scattered
by the fluttering of wings
a blue butterfly

on the verandah
a yellowish butterfly
the light of sun down

  Well ... see you tomorrow again.  


Anonymous said...

Nice sets--enjoyed them :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Butterflies are just perfect subjects for poetry.

Siggi in Downeast Maine said...

Very nice...enjoyed reading your post.

Pratibha said...

the last one was so surreal ! :)

Sara McNulty said...

Stunning set. Particularly loved the last two.