Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bluebell's Short story slam

For the short story slam week 20  I wrote the following short story in 55 words:


A wondrous place. Trees and streets covered with snow. The bright sunlight. Roofs like crystal.
Love is warming our bodies in front of the fireplace.Drinking red wine, eating marshmallows. This is paradise.
Our legs intwined. Lost in each others eyes. Together you and I.

making love
in front of the fireplace -
winter feeling


Anonymous said...

super creative, wow.

a story plus a Haiku, 55 word.


Magyar said...

__Very warm feeling here; too, I like your recent posts at WHW.
__To comlpiment (or complement) those butterfly haiku / haibun, this:

floats on the warming air
noon sun

Always, _m

Chèvrefeuille said...

The Purple and Magyar thank you so much for these kind words. And ... Magyar thank you for the beautiful haiku.


paulo guimaraes said...

Beautiful imagery, I can feel the warmth of the fire and the radiance of two hearts together as one.

Elizena said...

I loved this. It was creative, passionate, loving and warm. I could feel the warmth of the flames on my skin and feelings of peace and security. Very well done. Be blessed.