Monday, August 13, 2012

Tackle It Tuesday, Aleph

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Dear Haijin,

Well ... another week has passed by, so a new Tackle It Tuesday has to start. It's a bit early, but I will have a busy week so therefore I thought ... let me post the new Tackle It Tuesday a bit earlier than I did the other episodes. Have fun and enjoy this new Tackle It Tuesday.
This week's theme "Aleph", based on the novel by Paulo Coelho, isn't an easy one. It's really a challenge I think to write a haiku inspired on this wonderful novel by Paulo Coelho. I have read it twice and I found it stunning, very spiritual, very intens and very personal. I can't remember that in his earlier novels he was the main character in the story. In "Aleph", he himself is the main character and I find that great.
I myself am a author too and I can recall the first novel I wrote in 2007 titled: "Netsach, the universe of the seven magical worlds` in which I unknowingly became the main character as my readers told me later.

In the Tackle It Tuesday Preview which I posted on August 8th you can read more about this wonderful novel by Paulo Coelho.

Credits: Inner Fire
lives collide
Inner Fire burns
in the Aleph

in the Aleph
searching for my past
with the one I love

with the one I love
in the middle of the Aleph
lives collide

This wasn´t an easy one, but I loved writing this cascading haiku inspired on `Aleph` by Paulo Coelho.

See you next week for another Tackle It Tuesday.
This one will stay on ´till Monday August 20th 11.59 PM

Have fun, be inspired and please leave a comment after linking. Do you have an idea for a new theme please let me know.



carol l mckenna said...

absolutely powerful haiku , an aleph awakening ~ ( A Creative Harbor)

Laura Maria said...

I really like the way it's all connected and that they can still stand alone. This book sounds really interesting!

Amy Pollard said...

Hi there! Please check out my new poetry blogzine and submit your best work:

iBeingMe said...

Love the way it connects. Powerful.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I love the form this poem took: the repetition reinforces the central message very well.

joanne said...

excellent.....Love the 'lives collide'....As I wrote in my post, I am not so sure I get the entire idea of 'aleph', but I am headed to the bookstore and library to find the book to read, and further understand.....Have you ever heard of or read "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior" - a wonderful guide to self-discovery.....

Raven said...

I find it refreshing and interesting to see how one approaches this word as a prompt.

"Lives collide" leaves me thinking of CERN. Thank you.

Rachel Hoyt said...

It makes me want to check out the book! Thanks! :)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I think I may not be able to write a haiku or senryu for this word, but I'll keep meditating on it!