Friday, September 7, 2012

Sensational Haiku Wednesday, Traditional Haiku

Join the fun!

A new Sensational Haiku Wednesday has already started, but I had to write a haiku in the Traditional Way of Haiku for this week that's the prompt of SHW. So here it comes.

It's a re-done version of an old one written in the Kanshicho style and now this one is in the classical traditional way of haiku with the classical syllable count, a kigo, a deeper meaning and even a kireji (an cutting word or sign).

closing the garden gate
no one who's disturbing my thoughts -

Virginia Creeper

I am not so familiar with the grammar of the English language so I have used a syllable counter to get this one right.

Credits: Virginia Creeper
Well ... maybe I will see you again on a new Sensational Haiku Wednesday.


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