Monday, October 22, 2012


For Carpe Diem:

The theme/prompt for today's Carpe Diem is sunflower and I love to share this haiku with you. I love sunflowers, they look like a bright sun ... strong and awesome.

in my garden
sunflowers bow their heads
in honor of the sun

in honor of the sun
I plant a pair of sunflowers
in the backyard

in the backyard
no sun at all will be seen

only sunflowers

only sunflowers
those beautiful little suns
in my garden

Isn't it beautiful? To see sunflowers on places without sun? Sunflowers are a joy to look at and are bringing a little bit light in the shadow.

Well .... see you tomorrow maybe ... than our Carpe Diem prompt will be 'praying'.


Priti Lisa said...

It's true, sunflowers shine even in the shadows. Great haiku♥

Amrit Sinha said...

I loved your haiku set ... so bright and colorful !!!

Reading Pleasure said...

Lovely cascade. The first one is so evocative. Very well written.

joanne said...

I had to shield my eyes because of the dazzling sun-fower sun-light....

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Sunflowers do have a way of out-dazzling the sun!

Sunflower Woman

Dulcina said...

Brilliant cascade to praise sunflowers, fading their big dad.

Anonymous said...

wonderful haiku and thank you for hosting the haiku prompts, I enjoyed writing them x