Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Haiku Challenge, day 23

Written for The Haiku Challenge 2012 - Day 23 – February 23rd – Theme: Joy of Giving Form: (ABC, CDE, EFA) - Haiku

Another haiku form I am not so familiar with. I have read some of these on Ramesh's weblog. I love this form, so this is a real challenge for me. But I have to try before I die :-) (just a proverb people use here in The Netherlands).

Joy of Giving
wonderful verses of the Far East
a haiku addict

a haiku addict
writing every day again
verses of nature

verses of nature
every season it's own words
all through the year

all through the year
I enjoy giving my haiku
to the world

to the world
I only can say 'haiku is great'
join the fun

join the fun
throwing snowballs in the street
a child's play

Also contributed to: Thursday Poets Rally

Thursday Poets Rally

Thank you for being here and make your comments on these new haiku.


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Ellecee said...

I enjoy your Haiku so much. Almost addicted.

Asni said...

I can see your passion for haiku. Inspiring!

booguloo said...

Enjoyed the moments.

Cloaked Monk/Terri said...

This one made me laugh!!

Gemma Wiseman said...

It's so easy to become a haiku addict! Lovely way to spin a moment!

JANU said...

Nice ...Haiku is challenging.

Ramesh Sood said...

Good one.. you know when I tried this style first time... someone called them dancing verses..I don't know but Haiku indeed becomes an addiction..but to reach out to the hearts of people is difficult.. you appear to be achieving it without much effort..

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

charming haiku,

your thoughts shine.

Anonymous said...

incredible humor..


Sri Valli said...

Wow...Lovely flow....Loved your haiku :)
Thanks for sharing :)

A burning candle

Vidya Sury said...

Chevrefeuille, very enjoyable read. :-) Clearly you've done a great job! :-)

Anonymous said...

Very nice set ... if I understand this particular form (certainly not my forte) the last line should be the repeat of the first line (the beginning line). I need more practice ... Ramesh is the master among us! :)

Karen said...

Excellent series of haiku! I am addicted too!

Neha said...

Good one, Thanks for the idea, even I'll write a haiku using this format :)

Someone is Special said...

you always amaze me with your words.. Thanks for this joy!

rch said...

Very nice string of haikus, very clever how you carried a line from one to the next.

Mark Butkus said...

Thank you for introducing me to a new form of haiku.


Mark Butkus

Belva Rae Staples said...

These are very well done!

dakshi said...

Nice work....

Anonymous said...

Nicely positive. Enjoyed!