Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Haiku Challenge, day 5 "acrostic haiku"

I had never heard of the "acrostic haiku", but on Deviantart I discovered an article by Mattiello about this form of poetry.
It is a form in which I have never wrote a haiku or another poem, so this was really a challenge to compose this one for day 5 of The Haiku Challenge. I am glad that the theme isn't prescribed, only the form. Well ... let's go than. Here is the first Acrostic Haiku I ever have written.

For this acrostic haiku I have used the words POETRY for the acrostichon and EAST for the liaison.

Perfect way
Of writing haiku
Eastern thoughts
Tulip bulbs
Redder than red
Year by year

Why I used the words Poetry and East?
Haiku is poetry and of course my passion and because haiku is a Japanese form of poetry. (The Far East)

It took me a while to compose this Acrostic Haiku because I am not familiar with this form of haiku. Well ... it did work out ... after a while and I am proud on this Acrostic Haiku.

See you tomorrow,



Liliana Negoi said...

complex and very well done - at least for a first attempt at this form :)

vivinfrance said...

and so you should be (proud, I mean)

Amber said...

Yea, you should be proud. It's nice. :)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I admire all your attempts to write haiku in English, since I know it's not your first language.

Not Acrostic, but My Choice!

Grace said...

Beautiful...I like that you try and experiment with this form. You are an inspiration to all of us.

Maude Lynn said...

Wow! Really well done!

Simran said...

So different the way you expressed! :)

Andy Sewina said...

Yeah, well researched and nicely written!!

beccagivens said...

Bravo ... for this one and for the along the gems you left along the way on other blog comments!! It is a very challenging form for me as well.

You should be proud of yourself!

The Poet said...

I am clueless when it comes to all these different poetry forms. I only know one way to write...the Andy way (LOL). I'm impressed with your first attempt. You deserve a pat on the back. Love the red tulips.
Nicely done!
Thanks for sharing & visiting.

... said...


Chèvrefeuille said...

I am honored by all of your kind words.

just three words
I am grateful
for all your words

Someone is Special said...

You did this Acrostic so beautifully.. Well done..

Someone is Special

Blossom Vydrina said...

well crafted!